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This is our costume tumblr for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. Hhhhammy specializes in props and pattern drafting, while gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion. We also sew a lot and spend a generously ridiculous amount of time doing dumb things. Any questions? Just drop us an ask!

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Mage of [Bluh] 1.5

Wow, lots of Mage questions!  We already have a Mage tutorial for beginners over here, but if you’re specifically looking for a mage hoodie pattern, try giving this a try:

Like the maid hood, a mage hood is pretty straightforward - just take a normal, round hoodie pattern and then “kick” the back of it downward into a tiny tail.  The size of the tail can vary depending on how stiff or big you want your hoodie.  My Sollux hood is very small and holds its shape, but the mage god tier hoodie we made had a much longer point that dangled.  Sew your open edges together and then reference this page to decide what pattern to draft for your shirt and cowl.

Anonymous sent: What pattern did you use for your lovely God Tier Maid hoodie?

We drafted this pattern ourselves, but the good news is that it’s incredibly easy!  Just cut two pieces out like so:

Sew your two pieces together along the dotted line, and your basic shape is done.  Be sure to add an identical lining, as well as possibly an interlining made of a heavier or stiffer material like fleece or thicker cotton if you want a very formed tail in the back.

Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay Fandom Hoodie Giveaway

What the hell, guys.

We hit a really big number so it’s time for another giveaway as a thank-you to all of our awesome followers!  We’re going to reprise the last giveaway by giving one winner a custom Fandom Hoodie of their choice!  This hoodie may be from any series and of any character or OC, and will be sewn in the style of our God Tier and other Fandom Hoodies.   All of our hoodies are made from multiple layers of sweatshirt fleece, home-dyed, and sized to fit.

The rules are:

  • Tumblr likes and reblogs count as one entry each.  No sideblogs please.  We do check.
  • We’re trying to be good at maintaining our Facebook account too, so you may enter again by liking and sharing the post on our Facebook page!
  • You do need to be following our Tumblr and/or Facebook page to win!  If you’re not following us already, this blog is 100% weird cosplay shenanigans and tutorials so check us out maybe if you’re not?
  • We will randomly a select a winner, but if you don’t respond within 48 hours we will choose the next person on the list.  International shipping is a-okay.

Check out this post if you have any questions, or send us an ask off-anon!  The giveaway will end on May 31st, 2014.  Good luck!!

Anonymous sent: I was wondering how do you do the multiple colors to your fandom hoodies. it would be great if you did a tutorial!

We use idye to dye each piece of fabric before sewing them together.  There unfortunately aren’t a lot of color options out there for sweatshirt fleece.

I’m actually in the process of making a big fandom hoodie tutorial, so keep watching!  I’ll probably post it after I finish the next hoodie and post the next giveaway.

Knight of Time
[ More Fandom Hoodies ]

This guy belongs to karkatfreckles, who won our last giveaway!  We’ll probably be doing another giveaway soon since we’re almost to a very big number, but in the meantime I actually ended up making an extra of these if anyone is interested in it.  Details are over this way.

Heir of Doom Redux | Witch of Space
[ More Fandom Hoodies ]

Two god tier hoodies at once!  Both are part of a craft trade with the talented Pupukachoo, and are the first hoodies I’ve made in about half a year (hopefully more coming soon).  Drafting a witch hood for the first time is basically a trip to the land of nofun mcgee.

Hoodie and Giveaway Asks


First off, if anyone ever sends us an ask off-anon and you don’t hear back from us in about a week, please send it again!!  Sometimes we get an overwhelming amount of asks both on and off-anon.  I try not to delete things since Tumblr still hasn’t invented the concept of an outbox, and so sometimes things get lost OR tumblr is known for even eating asks and replies sometimes.  We try to privately answer most off-anon asks.  However if an ask is anon, sometimes we do hold onto it for a while or compile a few before replying in order to keep this tumblr from becoming all-asks-all-the-time.  So if your ask needs a quick answer, remember to turn anon off!  I have like 20 hoodie anon asks right now, so it’s time for some replies:

For the giveaway, hoodies can be shipped internationally.  The way we’ve chosen the winner for all of our giveaways is by loading all of the notes over time, and then copy/pasting everything into excel.  All of the rows without usernames are then cleaned up and assigned a random number in excel - the highest value wins.

There are no restrictions on fandom or character - so if you want a HS hoodie for your non-canon god tier, that’s fine (Also if this isn’t enough and you still have a question about if x character is allowed, please ask it off-anon!  We get A LOT of “will you sew a hoodie of this character” asks that go unanswered because they’d overwhelm everything we post).  The only limitations are color combinations and complexity.  We like to use sweatshirt fleece for all parts of the hoodie - the downside however is that sweatshirt fleece only comes in limited colors though, so all of the fabric has to be dyed before sewing.  Once that’s done, the different colored parts and symbols are sewed on top of each other before the zipper is added.

We do sell these things sometimes, and any hoodies for sale will be at .  Right now general commissions are closed, but we are taking commissions for Attack on Titan/SNK hoodies!

For all you folks asking about fandom hoodie commissions


Whoa, we’ve gotten a lot of these asks, and in short, yes, we do very occasional hoodie commissions!  They’re more expensive than a hoodie you might pick up in a store, but this takes into account the fact that each one is patterned out, dyed, and sewed by hand.  The money from everything we sell is then donated to rescue shelters because we have a Very Serious and Very Acute love of cats.  However it’s important to note that between Connecticon, Otakon, and Dragoncon coming up, we will be very busy until September of this year.

For those who don’t mind a long wait, there’s more information up on our For Sale page at

Cowbutt Crunchies’s How Did This Even Happen 5555 Followers Fandom Hoodie Giveaway

Whoa, it’s already time for another giveaway!  I love Interstella 5555 so I wanted to do something really awesome this time.  The winner will receive a fandom hoodie of their choice from any character/series, sewn in the style of our Homestuck God Tier hoodies! (yes, you can request a HS god tier too)  All of our hoodies are made from multiple layers of sweatshirt fleece, home-dyed, and sized to fit.

The rules are:

  • Likes and reblogs both count, but please be considerate of your followers when reblogging more than once.  No sideblogs please.
  • You do have to be following us to win!  If you’re not following us already, this blog is 100% weird cosplay shenanigans and tutorials so check us out maybe if you’re not?
  • You must have your ask box open at the contest’s end!  We will randomly a select a winner, but if you don’t respond within 48 hours, we will choose the next person on the list.

The giveaway will end on September 1st, 2013.  Good luck!!

EDIT: For everyone asking about purchasing these hoodies or if you have any questions, please check out this post!  Also international shipping is fine.

Heir of Doom | Maid of Rage | Rogue of Void | Seer of Blood

Current God Tier hoodie set with everything all nice and posted together by request.

Prince of [bluh]


I think to wear a prince hoodie, you’d really have to like capes!  You’d also really have to like hoods that fit tight and low around your face.  It’s a weird design.  The sprite design almost has the hood clinging to Eridan and Dirks’ foreheads, which is why you can then see the crown pattern across the front.

For the hood, I would make this a shorter heir hood with a modification to the front. (Note: be sure to make the lining from just a normal hood pattern as opposed to the long, pointed version, otherwise you’ll end up with a stiffer hood that sticks out as opposed to one that falls softly).   You don’t want to just extend out the front all around, otherwise you’ll just end up with a lot of fabric blocking your vision and still sticking out straight around your hair line, as opposed to fabric that cuts down so that the “crown” portion is visible.  Instead I would use an unmodified hood front, but add the crown fabric so that it 1) curves out, and 2) curves down so that these two new points meet.  For a tighter, closer-fitting hood, just make the curves even more extreme.


For the capelet, I would make an even longer version of the seer capelet.  The gathered front is to add body and extra fabric to the shoulder area; however, if you prefer your capelets fitted you can skip this step and seam up the shoulders instead for easier fitting.  As always, be sure to experiment with draping and how extreme you need to cut the back edge where the two capelet pieces attach (a wider angle = more body in the shoulder and cape area).

Anonymous sent: adkgmflfg so there's still one god tier hoodie up for sale??? is it premade or do we get to pick class/aspect?

Everything is all custom, so you’d be able to pick either a canon class/aspect, or one of your own. ^^ (or a non-HS hoodie thing, obviously)  We’ve had one or two folks ask about commissions, but nothing is really finalized yet; however with Katsu coming up I think we do only have time to make one at a time.  I want to give the peeps who asked first priority and some time to think about it, obviously, but if you’re interested definitely message us and I’ll start making a short wait list for when we have time to make another.

Maid of Rage | Moar God Tier Hoodies

At last, the last of the Christmas presents!  This is Labyrinth1n3’s aspect/class combo.

kurlozandblacktor sent: Dis you guys make the Heir of doom and Seer of blood hoodies? How much would a commision be? they look amazing.

Yes, we did!  We were really hesitant to take any sort of fandom hoodie commission for a while, just because of the cost/time/effort equation - but after some thought Hhhhammy, and I figure that maybe we can take on one commission for the time being. ^^  All of our prices and stuff currently up for grabs is over on our For Sale page!

We also know there’s some controversy regarding making a profit from fandom stuff, so just as an FYI the full price of all of our cosplay things for sale will be donated to New England-area animal shelters.

Knight and Page hoods


Like the other hoods, this is more of a quickie pattern guide, but I would try something similar to the following:


The page hood is definitely the trickier one here, because of the completely insane hood angle.  If you’re making it out of hoodie material, I really wouldn’t recommend going too extreme unless you’re willing to experiment - sweatshirt fabric and even fleece tends to flop over, so you’ll likely have some trouble getting a hood to stand straight up on top of your head if you’re going to make it look more Bard-like instead of like an inverted Mage.  If you do try it, be sure to experiment first and try stiffening your hood with an extra layer of fleece inside, or even try starching the fleece before sandwiching it between your layers in order to make it even stiffer like interfacing.  The first pattern will be easier to use, since you’re not trying to defy gravity; the tension of the hood should help it hold its general shape, and the peak on the tip is tiny enough that it should stand up on its own with some extra fleece.

The knight cowl and hood can likely be constructed from just a few pieces.  If you’re looking for a more involved tutorial though, I know that asksewingserket is looking to make her own knight hoodie and tutorial fairly soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Please read the FAQ and the Cosplay Help tag before asking any questions!! We do not post repeat answers.