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This is our costume tumblr for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. Hhhhammy specializes in props and pattern drafting, while gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion. We also sew a lot and spend a generously ridiculous amount of time doing dumb things. Any questions? Just drop us an ask!

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Your name is KANKRI VANTAS, and you have no idea how you’ve racked up 68 sickles in library fines. It could be because you require a great many books as you research information for what is, in your opinion, Hogwarts’s most important club: The Society (Despite the Problematic Historical Associations with Formal Organizations of Privileged Individuals in Groups) to Discuss and Identify Oppressed Groups Within Wizards and “Muggles” (Very Problematic Term, Under-Magicked Persons is Preferred). Mostly however you suspect it is because your friend CRONUS AMPORA has a tendency to steal them in order to prop up the legs of his VINTAGE MUGGLE TABLE.

Today however you are back in THE GRAND LIBRARY for a different sort of research. Your good friend ARANEA SERKET has asked you to help her solve a mystery that has been plaguing the school for weeks: a swarm of giant arachnids that were most definitely, absolutely not summoned by her troublesome YOUNGER SISTER. Typically this sort of Scooby Doo nonsense is really not your thing, something usually snapped up by your own brother and his trio of magical mystery-solving friends. However right they are up to their ocular sockets in some sort of TEENAGE DRAMA, and so for now you two will have to do.

Kankri Vantas | Gothichamlet
Aranea Serket | Snowchildhero
Photography | Hhhhammy

[Potterstuck AU]

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