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The Alternia Adorabloodthirsties - Derbystuck

Nepeta Leijon | Hhhhammy
Terezi Pyrope | Pyropi
Vriska Serket | Gothichamlet

Coming to you live from the Crockercorp Battle Arena, we’re thrilled to welcome home our own darling little murderers, THE ALTERNIA ADORABLOODTHIRSTIES. Fresh from their brutal semi-championship (featuring two cranial plate smashes, three cases of ocular injury, and one sanctioned killing of a lowblood ) the Adorabloodthirsties are here to slick the floors in blood for your continued amusement.

Introducing today’s lineup, put your paws together for crowd favorite and starting jammer ARSENICCATNIP.  Blockers ARACHNIDSGRIP and GALLOWSCALIBRATOR also return as the out-of-their-pans SCOURGE SISTERS, fighting themselves almost as much as the other team.

Keep your ocular sockets peeled and your splatter umbrellas ready, because this is going to be a match to remember.
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