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A cosplay tumblr for hhhhammy & gothichamlet

This is our costume tumblr for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. Hhhhammy specializes in props and pattern drafting, while gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion. We also sew a lot and spend a generously ridiculous amount of time doing dumb things. Any questions? Just drop us an ask!

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It’s giveaway time again! :)  I am being very uncreative this time around, and so for our third giveaway the winner will have their choice of various Homestuck accessories we’ve made in the past:

  • Derse or Prospit themed choker
  • A custom choker of your choice
  • Meenah glasses
  • Red/blue rule63 Sollux tights
  • Embroidered troll-symbol or letterman sew-on patch

The rules are:

  • Likes and reblogs both count, but please be considerate of your followers when reblogging more than once.
  • You do have to be following us to win!  If you’re not following us already, this blog is pretty much 100% weird Homestuck cosplay so check us out maybe if you’re not?
  • You must have your ask box open at the contest’s end!  We will randomly a select a winner, but if you don’t respond within 48 hours, we will choose the next person on the list.

The giveaway will end in about a month, aka on June 1st, 2013.  Good luck!!

Please read the FAQ and the Cosplay Help tag before asking any questions!! We do not post repeat answers.