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This is our costume tumblr for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. Hhhhammy specializes in props and pattern drafting, while gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion. We also sew a lot and spend a generously ridiculous amount of time doing dumb things. Any questions? Just drop us an ask!

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Fancystuck 2:  Electriic Boogaloo

(Previously: Fancy Fabrics 101)

As promised, we took advantage of a JoAnn’s run for unrelated purposes to check out some fabrics and put together a video.  Here I show you guys some of the fabrics discussed in proper dreamer purples.  

This was a JoAnns’ video because they’re everywhere and sometimes the ONLY thing cosplayers have access to, I highly recommend looking for local shops.  A lot of times they have a better selection of quality and unusual stuff and are WAY cheaper.

Part Duex is here, with some random thoughts and considerations on various fabrics and Homestuck possibilities.

I’ve also done a quick HOW I DO PATTERNS here, for total and complete newbies.  

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