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A cosplay tumblr for hhhhammy & gothichamlet

This is our costume tumblr for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. Hhhhammy specializes in props and pattern drafting, while gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion. We also sew a lot and spend a generously ridiculous amount of time doing dumb things. Any questions? Just drop us an ask!

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Cowbutt Crunchies FAQ

Upcoming Conventions

Otakon (Aug 8-10, 2014) Baltimore, MD

Dragoncon (August 28 - September 1, 2014) Atlanta, GA

Another Anime Convention (October 17-19, 2014) Manchester, NH

Alternicon {Convention Guests} (Nov 15-16, 2014) Boston, MA

Arisia (January 16-19, 2015) Boston, MA

Katsucon (February 13-15, 2015) National Harbor, MD

Anime Boston (April 3-5, 2015) Boston, MA

Q: Who runs this tumblr?
A: This is a secondary tumblr that both gothichamlet and hhhhammy post to.  We reblog things upon occasion, but the vast majority of posts will be tutorials and costuming things that we’re working on, and the vast majority of that will be Homestuck-related.

Q: Can I friend your personal tumblrs?
A: Sure!!  We actually can’t friend anyone back from this tumblr since it’s a secondary, so if you want to friend our “normal” tumblrs too, go right ahead.  If we met you at a con, also me sure to drop us an ask so that we know who you are!

Q: Do you take fandom hoodie commissions?
A: Sometimes!  If you are interested in a god tier or fandom hoodie, please check out this post, as well as our For Sale page for pricing and availability.  For any hoodie questions, please send them on non-anon!

Q: Can I cosplay/draw/use your costume designs or AUs?
A: Yes, anyone can cosplay our designs!  Just be sure to credit and link back to us in your post(s).  Also, please send us a photo of your finished work if you can - we’d love to see!

Q: I have a question about making a costume.  Can I send you an ask?
A: Yes - we’ll try to answer most asks we receive!  However before you send an ask, be sure to glance through our cosplay-tutorials and cosplay-help tags, just in case it’s already been answered.  We usually do not re-publish repeat anon questions.   If you have a specific question about a specific costume, please send it off-anon!  (Also please let us know if you need a private answer only)  The reason for this is that we want to try to post as much actual cosplay progress as question answers, so unless a question is relevant for everyone we may hold onto it for a little while.  If you’re looking for very, very general advice (ie, “What wig would be good for Jane?”), there’s already tons of how-tos on and  Here are some ask examples:

How many layers is your Feferi ballgown? / How did you dye your nylon fabric?  / How can I remove PAX? - These are all great generic questions that can be asked on or off anon.

I’m making a Sansa Stark cosplay and am stuck on what fabric to use for her skirt.  What do you think?  - This is pretty specific and not very useful unless you’re making a Sansa costume.  If asked on anon, it’ll probably be answered in a future mailbox monday, or off-anon we’ll reply to it quicker.

How do I make a Sansa Stark cosplay?  - This is super broad and we wouldn’t know where to start with this!  If asked on anon, we will probably not publish it.  Instead try to ask a more specific question that has stumped you.

Q: What troll makeup do you use?  Do you have a pattern for X class of hoode?
A: The answers to all these and more are in the Cosplay Tutorials and Cosplay Help tag, so please be sure to check those first.  We generally do not re-publish repeat anon questions.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Generally no; we both work full time and so we don’t have a whole lot of commission time left over.  However, we do sell things and custom stuff upon occasion with the full price of everything donated to local pet shelters; everything up for grabs can be found on our For Sale page.  If you have any questions about something for sale (or even something that’s not listed yet), just shoot us an ask.

Q: I really liked your idea for X!  Do you mind if I incorporate something similar into my own costume?
A: Go for it!  We definitely appreciate the “inspired by” credit, but feel free to try out anything we’ve posted here, or even ask us how we did it.  Plus, definitely send us some pictures when you’re done so that we can take a look!

Q: Can I say hi to you at a con?
A: Yes!!  We love meeting new people!

Q: Do you have any other sites/contact info?
A: Our facebook is at, and our website is

Q: What is a cowbutt crunchie?
A: Cowbutt Crunchies is named after two of our cats.  Hamlet has a cowbutt, and Viola likes crunchy food.

Q: Who made this theme?  It’s pretty snazz.
A: This is theme #21 from

Please read the FAQ and the Cosplay Help tag before asking any questions!! We do not post repeat answers.