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This is our costume tumblr for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. Hhhhammy specializes in props and pattern drafting, while gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion. We also sew a lot and spend a generously ridiculous amount of time doing dumb things. Any questions? Just drop us an ask!

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Anonymous sent: Hi! First off, I love your cosplays, but that's not why I'm messaging you. For an Heir's hood, would it be possible to somehow put wires inside the hood so that it somewhat posed? They would be fairly malleable and easy to move, and wouldn't need to completely support the hood, just help it hold it's shape, and be able to put it in some more whimsical positions.

Sure!  That’s the way a lot of people make stuffed tails.  If you plan on stuffing your hood, just run a medium-light weight wire through the middle and bend away!  If you’re not stuffing though that’s a little trickier because a single wire would 1) show through your fabric as a raised bump, 2) cause the rest of your hood to hang and flop downward from the wire.  Stuffing is by far the easiest way to go but you may be able to experiment with using several lighter gage wires spread throughout the hood with a little bit of thicker fabric like fleece as an interlining layer to mask the bumps.

Anonymous sent: Ohh my god your tutorials are amazing <33 they're super helpful! And your cosplays are gorgeous!

Thank you, anon! :D  When I overhaul the layout I’m hoping to try to include a tag cloud too, so that our tutorials/help questions are easier to find.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Katsucon 2014

Madoka | Sayaka | Mami | Homura | Kyoko | Photographer


Anonymous sent: did you use designs for your punkstuck cosplays?? (if so, do you have a link to them?)

Nope, they’re just designs we made up!  Usually our AUs are based off of our own designs, and I usually try to sketch things out before we sew them.

Anonymous sent: Have you ever worn "mesh contacts"? Are they actually safe to put in your eye? Based on the fact that they're full of little holes they don't SOUND safe for eyes, and I wanna make sure before I waste any money on them since my eyes get red really easily.

Mesh contacts are just as safe as regular contacts!  The “holes” aren’t actually holes in the lens - instead they’re small, clear holes in the white color that look like a fine mesh when you look at them very closely.  The idea is that you can still see through the little holes, but from far away your eyes look white.  If your eyes are sensitive though I’d be careful before buying the cheap American version of these contacts from places like - personally I found them to be very drying, and another friend had an issue with a different pair from that site.  More expensive, non-plano versions that require a perscription will probably be higher quality, and while I haven’t tried them personally, the mesh contacts on get great reviews and are apparently more comfortable.

Anonymous sent: There is this site called sclera-lenses with black ones for $78 do you think it's sketchy?

It looks like those lenses are not custom-fit to your eye measurements and are instead a one-size-fits-all.  With that in mind I would personally not buy them for myself.  It’s also probably worth pointing out that neither of us have ever worn sclaras before!  Kisbe has a great pair, but unfortunately the website they’re from is no longer in business.  Before buying from a site that doesn’t take your eye measurements I’d really suggest getting the opinion of someone who’s ordered from there first.

Anonymous sent: Where can I get cheap black sclera contacts? Thank you c:

Pretty sure there’s no such thing.  If someone sends you to a site where you can buy sclara contacts for regular contact prices, stay away.  Sclaras are so expensive because they must be custom made to your exact eye measurements - unlike regular contacts they cover much more of your eye.  So if you try to wear something that doesn’t fit it will be 1) very uncomfortable and 2) very dangerous.

Anonymous sent: Hi, uh, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you know where I could get a safe and comfy (I have sensitive eyes) pair of whiteout contacts? Do you guys use color contacts? I found a place but theirs whiteout only the iris and not the pupil. I plan on cosplaying one of the dead trolls to a con soon.

For dead eyes, try looking into the whiteout contacts on Honeycolor. I haven’t tried them myself but they have good reviews and supposedly fit more like circle lenses than “halloween” contacts.  Plus they come in perscription!  I’ve worn the halloween/American plano version before and they are really not comfortable for more than a few hours.

For general contacts, we always order from Honeycolor or Pinkyparadise.  Both sites have a lot of overlap and stock lots of different brands, so always be sure to read the reviews before buying.  Honeycolor is great for user reviews, while Pinkyparadise has a lot of user-submitted photos.

Anonymous sent: For fabric dying, how big should the pot be? Cause I mostly have small pots. And just to make sure, it's a pot that we can't use for cooking after fabric dying right?

Your pot and the amount of water inside should be large enough that the fabric can float freely without getting too balled up.  For example, I can dye one whole hoodie with the capelet in a 5gal pot.  However this may be too small for a large dress.  If your pot is very small, you may have to split your project into two dye baths.  The bigger the pot, the less you have to worry about uneven dye stains from the dye getting trapped in a fold for a long period of time.  If your pot is on the small side, make sure you constantly stir the fabric around to disturb those folds!

That’s right: never ever dye with a pot, measuring spoon, or stirrer that you use for cooking!  Dye is a hazardous material, and while some types can get on your hands, you should never eat it.  Cheap stainless steal pots can be found for about $15-$20 and they’re a great investment for fabric dyeing, boiling wigs, sharpie dye, or any cosplay-related stuff that involves plastic or chemicals.  (If you don’t have a separate set of measuring cups on hand for your dye, Vantasticmess has a tutorial on how to do this with an old soda bottle.)

Anonymous sent: Do you think it's bad to sew with and use dyed fabric that ended up kinda splotchy? I dyed a big sheet in one pot and I kind of like the texture for the projects (God Tier John and Roxy) but I don't want people to think it was an accident and that it looks bad.

If you like the look, keep it!  There’s a big difference between a cool marbled texture and a solid piece of fabric with one big, dark splotch on it.  With the latter I’d probably dunk the fabric in the dye again to try to darken the rest of the fabric and even up the tone.

Anonymous sent: Um, I read your fabric dying and I have 3 questions. For a person who's never dyed any fabric, would you recommend starting with powder or liquid? The second is, do you first dye your fabric before cutting it or make the outfit and then dye it? And where would you dye it, if that makes sense?

Actually we recommend idye!  idye is technically a powder but contained in a sealed packet that dissolves in water.  It’s super easy to use and has really bold results, especially when compared to the amount of liquid or powder you’d have to use otherwise.  If you can’t get idye in your area, I prefer liquid because it’s easy to measure and save, but that’s just personal preference.

When dyeing fabric I usually cut the pieces I need first and then dye.  This is because I dye in a 5 gal pot on the stove so there would not be much room for a big piece of fabric.  You always want to make sure that there’s room for your fabric to float.  This way you can stir it around to keep redistributing the dye concentration and make sure your fabric isn’t wrinkled in one spot for long, otherwise you risk uneven dyeing or splotches.  However it’s completely possible to dye an uncut piece of fabric or even a finished garment after it’s sewn.  If your dye project only involves a smallish piece, it’s better to dye a too-big piece of fabric or multiples - that way you have fabric to choose from just in case something ends up splotchy.


Anime Boston 2014March 21-23, 2014
Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Photography
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Anime Boston 2014
March 21-23, 2014

Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Photography


My name is Sister Leijon
And I would like to share with you
The most purrfect book! [x]

The Book of Signless @ Anime Boston 2014
Elder Captor | Terieri
Sister Leijon | Hhhhammy
☉ Photography | Gothichamlet
(With a special bonus appearance by Pyropi)


Last Derse set from Otakon!

Rose / Dave

Photography by Zhanyi Jiang

To celebrate 4/13, a throwback to our very first Homestuck cosplays from summer 2012.  Two dozen costumes later, it’s still really awesome to be a part of this fandom.

Happy 4/13, everyone!

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